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DA Drops All Charges Against Wrongfully Convicted BLH Client Calvin Buari

Prosecutors announced today that they will be dropping all charges against BLH client Calvin Buari who was falsely imprisoned for a double homicide for 22 years.

In October 2015, BLH founding partner, the late Myron Beldock, and Marc Cannan, filed a motion to vacate the 50-years-to-life conviction of Calvin Buari, who was framed for double murder. The motion was filed after several eyewitnesses had been located and provided information that identified the actual murderer and established that Mr. Buari could not have participated in the crime.

After Mr. Beldock passed away, Mr. Cannan continued the litigation with Oscar Michelen of Cuomo, LLC. Building upon the foundation laid by Mr. Beldock, they convinced a Bronx judge to vacate Mr. Buari’s conviction on May 5, 2017.


See coverage in the New York Times. A podcast entitled "“Empire on Blood” following Mr. Buari's fight for freedom is available for streaming now.

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