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Art Law


Beldock Levine & Hoffman LLP has a long history in the visual arts. We have represented artists, collectors, dealers, galleries and museums. We have represented artists ranging from abstract expressionists to conceptual artists, as well as photographers, lithographers and art restorers. Our dealers deal in tribal, folk and contemporary art, and old master drawings and paintings. Our commercial expertise enables us to provide corporate, contract, estate planning and litigation services to our clients. We have addressed cutting-edge issues such as artist liability for personal injuries, alteration and duplication of art works by purchasers, responsibility for publicly commissioned art and insurance for artists' technological "errors." Litigated matters have included a contested sale at auction by Sotheby's of an original copy of The Declaration of Independence, disputes between dealers and collectors involving provenance and title to works, and disputes between countries claiming rights to art under international treaty.



Jeff Kinkle

Cynthia Rollings

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