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Criminal Defense


Beldock Levine & Hoffman LLP has always had an active criminal defense practice. Founding partner Myron Beldock has devoted more than 35 years to protecting the legal rights of individuals who find themselves entangled in the criminal justice system. He has received widespread professional recognition and numerous awards for his dedication to justice, including his substantial efforts pro bono publico.  Over years in private practice, BLH has represented hundreds of individuals in both state and federal matters, ranging from George Whitmore – whose case was the pilot episode of the “Kojak” television series – to Rubin “Hurricane” Carter and Yusef Salaam, a defendant in the more recent Central Park jogger case. 


We represent clients in criminal and administrative proceedings, from investigations by grand juries, police, prosecutors and administrative agencies, to arrest and trial. Our expertise in all phases of criminal defense, including trials and appeals, ensures that our clients receive the attention, expertise and dedication necessary for the best possible outcome in criminal matters.



Jonathan C. Moore

David B. Rankin

Marc A. Cannan


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