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Harrell Family "Troubled" by US Attorney's Decision- Continues Fight for Justice

The family of Samuel Harrell is deeply troubled by the decision announced today by the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York not to bring any federal civil rights charges against the officers involved in Samuel Harrell’s death. The autopsy, finding the death to be a “homicide,” unambiguously links Mr. Harrell’s death to the brutal actions of these officers.

"In our opinion, there was clear criminal wrongdoing by the Corrections Officers involved in Mr. Harrell's death. The question of criminal liability should have been brought to and decided by a jury," said Luna Droubi, one of the family's lawyers.

Today's decision in no way alters the family’s continued demand for justice. The family is determined to continue fighting on behalf of Mr. Harrell in the civil rights actions currently pending both in the Southern District of New York and the New York State Court of Claims.


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